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Kitchenaid Released Their 2021 Color and I'm in LOVE

I love Kitchenaid. I have used their stand mixers for years and they have only once failed me (don't use industry formulas on home mixers). Now I've always had a bowl lift style so I only can get black, white, red, or silver in color but when you shift to their head-lift style they have a WIDE range of colors to choose from. Their new color has the best name I have ever seen, HONEY.

Image Credit: Kitchenaid

First off let me just explain my preference of colors. Blue is my all time favorite. Growing up, Earth tones like blues, greens, and browns were my favorite (flower child much?). As I got older I realized the beauty in warm earth tones like burnt orange, mustard yellow, and darker more burgundy reds. This new HONEY color is a gorgeous earthy orange that is a little brighter than a standard burnt orange.

Image Credit: Kitchenaid

Not only the color but also the meaning behind it is incredible. I've already talked about my love on honey in the past. Kitchenaid's message with this new color is the sweetness of honey and the togetherness of community and cooking/baking at home. In a time of Covid, coming together is hard but this also has lead to the support of smaller communities and getting back into the kitchen with family at home. I absolutely love this message and bringing people together as best we can with food at the focal point.

Along with their promotion of community and coming together in whatever ways we can, they also have two articles about honey as an ingredient. One brings you into the world of bee farmers and what it takes to get that golden syrup in those bottles. Looking at bee keeps in Hawaii and honey producers in Colorado. While also looking at some ancient ways of using honey in the form of mead and a California company bringing that ancient practice back to life.

Image Credit: Kitchenaid

The second article goes in depth on 21 ways to use honey. From substituting sugar in a recipe, adding a little sweetness to smoothies and charcuterie boards, even using honey as a bath soak or face wash (oh hey I already do that!). Honey has so many uses and benefits. It's so great to see larger brands being a part of this movement to get things changing for the better.

This was just such a great thing to see and I had to talk more about it. I highly suggest checking out the articles from Kitchenaid (linked throughout this post). There's great information, more things to learn about honey, and some great recipes to get baking and cooking in your kitchen at home. Now go find a local bee keeper, get yourself some local honey, and have some fun in the kitchen!



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