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Bringing Out the Family Recipes: Pumpkin Bread/Cake

Like many grandmas and great-grandmas, mine had a little wooden box of note cards filled out with recipes. From ones she loved passed down, ones passed from friends, or just a newspaper clipping and later moved to paper. I have a box full of recipes that I have just not taken the time to look at. I was looking at it on the shelf a couple weeks ago, feeling uninspired. Since I wanted to just bake for baking’s sake, I figured it was time I starting going through these recipes.

With fall here, a typed pumpkin bread recipe stood out immediately. And with multiple containers of pumpkin I need to go through, it was meant to be. I did a quick batch into cupcakes rather than a loaf and added a cream cheese filling to half for a little Starbucks style going on. I still have a lot of pumpkin so I decided to make another batch to have some delicious pumpkin mini loaves with raisins and walnuts and a nice sheet cake style with a cream cheese frosting topping. Oh goodness this was such a great idea and is so delicious.

Let’s get into this recipe and see what it’s all about. Since it’s originally from my great grandmother, this is a rare one that comes in American Volume measurements as well as weight because of course I have to convert it for me!


Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting

1 1/3 cups (265g) Granulated Sugar

1/3 cups (65g) Vegetable Oil

¾ cups (200g) Pumpkin Puree

½ tsp. Salt

2 ea. Eggs

1 ½ cups (200g) All Purpose Flour

½ tsp. Baking Powder

1 tsp. Baking Soda

1 ½ tsp. Cinnamon, ground

Pinch Clove, ground

Pinch Nutmeg, ground

½ cup (75g) Walnuts, chopped

¾ cups (100g) Golden Raisins

4 oz. Cream Cheese, soft

2 oz. Unsalted Butter, soft

8 oz. Powdered Sugar


As Needed Water

  1. In a medium mixing bowl, whisk the flour and other dry ingredients together.

  2. In a clean bowl, whisk the sugar, oil, pumpkin puree, and salt.

  3. Add the eggs one at a time, whisking fulling.

  4. Add the dry ingredients and whisk until smooth.

  5. Add the raisins and nuts and mix with a spatula.

  6. Spread mixture into a greased 9x13-inch pan.

  7. Bake in a 325°F oven for about 20-30 minutes until center is baked through. Cool before icing.

  8. In a clean bowl, mix the cream cheese and butter together. Add the vanilla and powdered sugar and cream until smooth.

  9. Add water as needed until a spreadable consistency is achieved.

  10. Spread over cooled cake and decorate with sprinkles before cutting into squares.


A recipe with volume measurements?! This is unheard of from me but this is my great grandma’s recipe so I can include how she always made it. I also always question if she actually used these measurements or if this is just what she typed based on some random cup but these still come out to a delicious pumpkin bread. I love how easy this recipe is to mix up, even without a mixer.

The batch can be baked a few different ways deepening on how you’d like to enjoy it. The 9x13-inch pan is great for a topping and cute squares. I also love to bake it in a standard loaf pan but that will take up near an hour or longer to bake. I’ve had this mini loaf pan for years that makes 8 smaller loaves. This recipe fits well into 6 cavities or all 8 but shorter loaves.

You can always remove the raisins or walnuts. I just find the two both add so much to a nice pumpkin bread recipe. Just one of my favorites I’ve done for years. Enjoy this recipe how you like it and enjoy all the delicious things you can bake at home!



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