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About Me

Harry Fiebelman - Pastry Chef, Plant Daddy, Flower Child


Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Harold Fiebelman. I am a Northern California native who loves food, plants, and the world around us. I have spent years playing with food through new creations both in flavor and design. Originally a cake decorator I fell in love with french pastry at a young age and knew my life should be filled with food. Through the years I moved across the country and for a short period across the ocean in France to study under some of the best. I have learned a lot over the years and continue to learn everyday. This is where I can share what I discover in my everyday life!

I've also found a love to experiment in many forms. From food and ferments, to plants and composting, I love to better myself and my impact on the world as a whole. I've come to accept the mistakes that will happen with what I do and embrace them in a way of celebration. Follow along in my journal for stories, recipes, and other information I come across in my life. Check out my calendar to see upcoming cooking classes that I have going on. You can even shoot me an email and set up a private events or class in your own kitchen!

Want me to come cook with you in your kitchen? Send me an email at

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