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It's Pie Day! Time to Make some Pie like this Cherry and Cheese Classic!

It’s Pi Day! I love food puns so I love when this day comes around. Math teachers and bakers alike come together once a year to celebrate their love of both Pi and Pie. March 14th (3.14) is also the first three numbers of the irrational number Pi. Not only is Pi come from circles but Pies are made in circles! It just all connects and makes for a great day to bake a pie. I consider pies to be more of a late summer and fall dish but this brings it to the front of the stage for a day in spring.

I made two All Butter Pie Doughs and layered the pie with a Sweet Cream Cheese base and a classic Cherry Pie Filling on top. A nice flakey top crust with a crimped edge and it was ready for an egg wash and the oven. I like to give the egg wash a sprinkle of sanding sugar all over. I’m a little extra and love the sparkle on top. Plus the added sweetness makes the edge so much better at the end of a slice. This recipe can also be used with other fruits which is one of my favorite things about pie. Swap and exchange fruit adjusting starch and sugar as necessary. It’s fun to play with the flavors especially as the seasonal fruit come in and are at their best flavors. Check you the recipe!


All Butter Pie Crust

Makes 1 crust

160g All Purpose Flour

115g Unsalted Butter, cold

Pinch Salt

About 65g Ice Cold Water

1. In a large bowl, measure the flour and add the salt.

2. Cut the cold butter into small pieces (½ inch by ½ inch).

3. Toss butter into flour mixture.

4. Add about 60g water and toss mixture to start to hydrate.

5. Begin to knead the dough.

6. After a couple kneads if there is still flour at the bottom add more water a couple teaspoons at a time.

7. Once dough has barely come together, shape into a 5-inch disk. Wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

8. Roll out onto a floured surface to be 1-inch larger than a 9-inch pie pan.

9. Use rolling pin to roll dough like a roll of foil and unroll over the pie pan.

10. Lift edges and allow to fall into the pan without stretching.

11. Use as needed.


Cream Cheese Filling

4 oz. Cream Cheese

½ ea. Egg, scramble and use half, save second half for egg wash

1 oz. Granulated Sugar

1 tsp Vanilla

1. In a bowl, cream ingredients together until smooth. Best to use mixer if available.

2. Line the bottom of the pie pan with mixture and top with fruit before baking.


Cherry Pie Filling

575g Frozen Cherries

120g Granulated Sugar

2 tbsp Corn Starch

1. In a bowl, toss sugar and corn starch with cherries to coat.

2. Place on into pie pan.

3. Roll out a second recipe of All Butter Pie Dough for a top crust.

4. Cut out shapes with cookie cutters or create venting slits with a sharp knife.

5. Using rolling pin method, center dough on filled pie.

6. Trim edges to be 1-inch wider than pan.

7. Roll dough to create a thick boarder.

8. Using a pinching method, crimp the edges of the pie to create a textured finish.

9. Egg wash and sprinkle with sanding sugar.

10. Bake in a 350°F oven for 1 hour.

11. After 1 hour, increase temp to 375°F and bake for another 25-30 minutes until golden brown.

12. Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly before serving or cool completely for later.


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