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Homemade Herbs de Provence

French culture and cuisine has been one of the biggest influences in my career. I'm sure a lot of chefs would agree with how involved France was in modern cuisine as we know it, but even before I wanted to be a chef I loved the culture and lifestyle associated with the french people.

Herbs de Provence is one of those staple herbs blends that can be found in many kitchens. There isn't an exact recipe for the blend of herbs used, it can change base on who is making it or what it's used for. Originating in the Provence region of France it was a blend of summer herbs in that region. Not far from Italy, think basil, oregano, thyme, etc. One debatable ingredient though is lavender. I'm sure you have herd about Provence lavender, so why wouldn't it be one of the summer herbs in the blend?

Personally I love the light lavender flavor as it blends with some of my favorites. You can pick and choose the herbs as you feel, maybe if one is missing from your kitchen just leave it out! But try making your own blend and you'll love the fresh, vibrant flavors that will amazing your taste buds when you switch to something so good.


Herbs de Provence Blend

1 Heavy Pinch Dried Lavender, I use Araceli Farms Provence Culinary Lavender

1 tbsp Dried Oregano

1 tbsp Dried Basil

1 tbsp Dried Thyme

1 tbsp Dried Rosemary

1 tbsp Dried Parsley

1 tbsp Dried Marjoram

1. In a spice grinder or using a mortar and pestle, grind the herbs until they are uniformly fine.

2. Place into an airtight jar and store up to 1 year in a cool dark place. That's it!



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