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Growing Grains: Spring Shoots

Well it has been some time since I have had an update on my grains this year. As the weather has had some warmer patches and the days get longer the grain has taken advantage and started to shoot up. The wheat is as tall as me at this point. Both the newer planted seeds and the older ones. The rye took a little longer to come up compared to the wheat but has recently shot up as well and is about the same height, maybe a few inches shorter but newer and taller ones keep coming up. It's really incredible to see these grains grow so fast. Some of them have even surpassed me and are taller. I'm 5'11 so that's some tall plants.

I have also found some golden stalks hidden in between. I think these were some of the shorter, earlier ones to shoot up and they are already aging. At this point I will wait for more to turn a nice golden color and then start trying berries. From what I've read I want a nice bite to the berry without a lot of chew. I have to be careful with local birds that may try to eat them. Good thing it's shelter in place and I am at home constantly to watch over them. The heat is nice and afternoons outside are a good way to pass time and get work done.

Once I can harvest the grains I need to figure out exactly what to do with them... I'll update when the times comes to harvest my little field!

- Harry


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