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Donuts and Cake Took Over My Life

It’s been a hot minute since I have posted on here, more like almost a full month. This past month a lot has gone on and that sometimes means taking time away from other activities, one of the first that tends to go is writing and creating recipes for this site. I don’t like to take that time away but life has other plans like always and it is what it is.

This past month I’ve had some really fun things going on though. The first was a fun recipe development job. I love to create recipes for others and get them the products of their dreams. I was contacted at the end of May by someone looking for some classic donut recipes for a new shop they are creating. I love donuts so I was stoked to do this. I spent two weeks researching, testing, and sampling donuts over and over. I had to have made at least 10 attempts to get the right sizing, texture, and flavor for cake and yeasted donuts. Plus a signature specialty flavor for the company. On top of donut recipes there’s the toppings. Getting great frostings and glazes that work well and can be massed produced, it’s not the biggest challenge but I want to make sure I do it right for the one who hired me.

In the middle of making donuts I also had a last minute trip with my best friend. We have not seen each other since last summer and have not even hugged since we went to Hawaii together last February. The two times I saw her back in California before moving involved in the park picnics but separated because of Covid. That was hard. After 10+ years of being friends, traveling together, and the best hugs, being safe and keeping distance because at that time you just didn’t know. She has since been vaccinated and my whole family has as well. So she scheduled a quick trip to come and see everyone and finally get those big hugs I’ve missed so much. I shut everything down for those few days. I wanted to be 100% present with her and just enjoy what we have had to miss the past year. Luckily things look better and we can try to see each other more. But we are separated by states like when I was in college so it won’t be as much as I’d like. At least I have an excuse to take time off and travel to see her.

After all that the last thing that took over my life is cake. I love cake but I never do a lot of them. I keep them for special occasions. I know there’s people that do dozens of cakes a week but since I do just a few a year I make sure to take the time to make them the best. The first was a birthday cake for my brother in law. The second was for my nephew who turned 2. It’s always fun to make some cakes but they are some decent work.

Now that all that has settled down I can get back to what I love to do. I am thinking more about my time and what to spend it on. I love to be in the kitchen but I also love to be outside. I also want to give back to the community and help others more. I volunteered a few times in college but since have not and I really need to do that more. I did find an organization that I am not working with but more on that later.

For now, I have cookies in the oven and another batch to bake. A couple tests before I make some posts and share these delicious recipes. For those of your that stay with me though, thank you. I’m only 26 but I’m often told how wise I am. I just like to think and focus on what I believe I should be doing. Make great food. Care for others. And just bake the world a better place, one cookie or cake or donut at a time.

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