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Growing Grains: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Time for a little update on the wheat and the peas. A couple weeks ago my dad decided to do a little cleaning in the yard before we were going to get rain. Understandable and appreciated, but he did not remember that I was growing wheat this year. He saw a bunch of grass in the garden bed and even though it was more than ever before he assumed it was wild and that he'd do me a favor a pull some of it up. It wasn't until half the rye was up that my mom saw and told him those were my grains...

Luckily grains are not that expensive and there was still plenty of time to get them in the ground for the season. We also had a lot of rain in the forecast so I quickly ordered some more grains and got them sowed. Now they are back where they need to be and getting a nice shower from the rain we have been receiving in northern California.

Unfortunately on the pea side I lost them all and there is no chance of recovery. They began to get little leaves and I had cages on them to grow and protect but they weren't enough. Some local birds decided to feast on my sprouts and all the peas are gone. I decided to just let it go and focus on the grains this year since I have to get a lot prepped for moving. It also is getting a little to late for a winter harvest so I figured it would be a small operation this winter.

As for now the grains are back where they like to be. I haven't been watering that much (thank you Mother Nature) but I have been giving them a round of fertilizer at the beginning of the month and I use coffee grounds to add acidity to the soil along with helping prevent slugs and snails. As things keep going I will continue with updates as to what is happening outside and how the grains grow.

- Harry

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