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Growing Grains: Winter Waiting

Back in December the grains received a lot a good rain. I've really appreciated Mother Nature for all she's brought me. I haven't had to water in weeks. Lately there hasn't been as much rain but it still comes a little at a time and with how cool it is the top soil has yet to dry out so I haven't worried about watering it.

The rye at this point is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall, but has bushed together a lot. The first wheat is about 2 to 2 1/2 feet tall and the newer wheat is about 2 feet tall. They all have been doing well. Very full and lush. I love running my hands through them because of all the water, they are so soft and gentle on the skin.

They have not really grown in the past couple weeks. They got to this stage and are in a stagnant stage of no growth but it also hasn't gotten that cold and they seem to be perfectly fine out side. The days are getting longer and all the extra sunshine really warms it up in the afternoon. The plants get a lot of sun and there's no sign of burning.

All the other plants are doing okay. The peppers have died back a lot and don't have many leave but surprisingly the bell pepper has a few small peppers growing and a huge pepper ready to be picked in the next couple weeks. The eggplant has quite a few fruit on it still and a lot of the leaves are looking good. They are a little limp but I do notice the bounce back in the afternoon briefly.

I'm thinking of filling some pots with basil seeds to have a big harvest in a few months. We will see what happens. Leaving town and won't be doing anything outside anytime soon. May just throw wildflower seeds out. Saw a bee today and felt good about my garden.


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