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Summer is Here so Let's Check in With How The Garden's Growing

It’s time for another update because let me tell you a lot has happened since the warm weather came and things took off!

Bees loved the arugula flowers!

After the late freeze we had to do some changes and get things growing again. The lettuce was one of the survivors and man did it thrive. The romaine grew tall and was harvested regularly to keep it going, the arugula and strawberry lettuce took over and we had a great patch that we could pick from daily for a salad with dinner. It was great to have. Recently though some heat came and the lettuce is a bit cooler crop. We harvested all that was left and donated what we wouldn’t eat. Defiantly something I will come back to grow next year, but maybe in a different spot.

The potted tomatoes have been on a struggle bus since the freeze. I think they just need some heat so as the days get hotter each week I hope they come and thrive this year to give me plenty of fruit. To ensure we get some tomatoes though we decided to get three more and plant them where the lettuce was and they already are growing by the day.

The seeds is really where it’s at though. The side of the house with the three sisters is large and starting to produce. The corn has sprouted the pollen and the silk tassels are coming out to get pollinated. I planted some more sweet corn in the back plot to make sure I had plenty to enjoy this year and it also has boomed with growth. I build a nice trellis on the house for all the beans that sprouted with some help from my dad. They have already taken over a good chunk and flowers keep popping up. I have harvest a few beans but I can’t wait for the boom where I can get handfuls to make some great dishes.

The best ones at this point though are all the squash. The few starters that survived the freeze a massive and all the random seeds I dispersed through the garden have come up and there’s squash everywhere. I’ve been harvesting early flowers to enjoy squash blossoms for the first time which is the BEST, but I can’t wait to get some delicious squash and cucumbers from the garden soon. The pumpkins are looking good as well so hopefully get some massive ones to carve for Halloween or just put out for some fall decorations.

The strawberry patch is thriving. There was a short period I was worried it wouldn’t take but it has since blown up with size and it’s starting to spread out. There are a ton of little flowers and small berries starting to grow so I can’t wait to get some fresh fruit. I also recently mulched it to help with all the weeds around them. I like some weeds for pollinators but they also get large and outgrow the strawberries and I can’t have that.

Got some mushrooms popping up on humid mornings

The basil was doing super well until the heat came. Harvested it all and made a large jar of pesto to keep in the freezer for pasta or pizza nights. The cilantro burst with growth as well and quickly went into bloom. We aren’t the biggest eaters of cilantro but I’ve left it there because the bees have been ALL OVER it. Like constantly. So until it dies off I’ll let the babes have their fill on pollen.

The peppers have also been on the struggle. I think like the tomatoes they just need some warm weather. We did get a few more starters that were a little bigger to go where the basil was. As for the rest of the herb patch I have two squash coming out so I’ll let those take over as the summer days carry on.

Waiting for the day I can pick these...

Things are really looking good though. Some flowers have died so we replace them as we figure out what species like where in the garden bed. Overall I just can’t wait to get more to harvest. Just taking each day as it comes. Pull some weeds whenever I’m out there. Mulch a few spots like the peppers and tomatoes so they can thrive. And not just keep waiting. Soon the harvest basket I got at the strawberry farm will come in handy as I get more and more to enjoy from the garden!



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