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Baking with the Unperfect Chef

From live digital classes to a subscription to bake on your own schedule. You can even schedule a one-on-one meeting with me to discuss what you like to make at home or something new to try this weekend. Check out all the great things I have to offer so you can bake with the Unperfect Chef in your kitchen!

Live Cooking Experiences

  • Cooking with Araceli Farms - Lavender Ice Cream Virtual Cooking Class
    Cooking with Araceli Farms - Lavender Ice Cream Virtual Cooking Class
    Time is TBD
    Come learn how to make ice cream! We'll be infusing lavender from Araceli Farms to show off how beautiful floral flavors are when done right!

Baking with the Unperfect Chef Monthly Subscription!

I created a digital program where you can follow along with informative videos and learn how to bake at home! From classical pastries like French Fruit Tarts and Eclairs, homey favorites like Coffee Cake and Cobblers, and of course a lot of bread like traditional Baguettes, Naan, Pain de Mie, and more! Along with unlimited access to the videos, you also get a free monthly consultation with me to see how you are doing. Ask questions about baking science, see what might have gone wrong in an experiment at home, or just talk to me about why food is amazing. I'm an open book who loves to talk! Use this button to check out the page and sign up today!

Price: $67.99/mo

One-on-one Consultation with me!

Need help in the kitchen? Or maybe have a few questions on how your baking is doing at home? Schedule a 30 minute consultation with me and ask me any questions you have! I can help you figure out what might have gone wrong, guide you to make the best baked goods at home, or even just talk about the best tools and ingredients to use everyday! Pick a time that works best for you and bring any notes or thoughts with you to the meeting. Click the link to schedule your consultation today!

Price: $20 for 30 minute digital meeting

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