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Baking with the Unperfect Chef!

Learn how to cook and bake at home with me! Follow along with in-depth videos on the art and science of baking. Sign up for the Monthly All Access Plan to get every video plus two new ones every month! Not only do you get all my master recipes and videos to learn how to recreate these confections at home, you'll get a free 30 minute consultation with me to go over what you've made or ask any questions you may have about baking!

Not ready to commit to so much baking? Test the waters with one of my video collections! Pick what area of baking you want to learn more about and get access to those videos and recipes to learn something new at home. From breads to candy, classic pastries or just something great for Sunday morning, there's so much you can learn from your kitchen!

**Please note that all recipes are measured by weight. A kitchen scale is a must to truly master the science of baking.