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I Tried the D-O-Double G at Dunkin

So I don't always eat food from fast food places. I prefer to eat as much from scratch as possible, but that doesn't mean I don't eat something good or different on occasion. (In n Out is always worth it.) I recently saw that Snoop Dogg had a new sandwich coming to Dunkin Donuts called the D-O-Double G. It's a Beyond Meat sausage patty with egg and cheese on none other than a GLAZED DONUT. Now at first I was like leave it to a stoner celebrity to come up with a collaboration like this but the stoner chef in me is all into trying it to see what it's like.

Now initially I was interested because of the Beyond Meat that they use. I am not vegetarian but I do value adding more plant based alternatives into the diet for the environment and for health. I also thought it would be a nice change since it'd be soft and a little sweet that will go with the spices typically in sausage.



Upon first opening it up I was a little sad at how fast the glaze had disappeared. I was somewhat expecting it since it was a hot sandwich but I still wanted that gooey-ness that comes with a glazed donut. The glaze did melt enough to cause the top to stick to the wrapper so it ripped when I took it out.

First bite into it and I was surprised how not so sweet it was. I'm sure a lot of the expected sweetness would have come from the glaze that had melted off but it took me back and made it a little more enjoyable. The donut itself is slightly sweet but not super sweet so it was a nice addition to the flavors of the breakfast sandwich. The egg and cheese tasted just like it always had but I was disappointed in the sausage patty. I wasn't expecting a huge meat flavor but sausage typically has spices mixed in that give it a more distinct flavor that was not there.

Overall it was an okay sandwich. Would I get another one if I were to go back? Most likely not but I did get to try it and can talk about it now. It's also only available until the 19th of January so if you're interested in getting your hands on one you better find your nearest Dunkin!



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