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Another Day, Another Lacto-Ferment

Another lacto ferment in the books. This time I had a little fun and played with the ingredients. I didn’t like having to pick the rosemary and peppercorns out of the last one. This time I stuck with mostly the produce I was fermenting. I had a ton of pears in a box and needed to do something along with the stash of sweet chilies in the fridge, I had an idea.

Sweet chilies, sweet pear, a little extra kick of spice somewhere and I was in. I used just a bit of chili powder. I wasn’t 100% sure what this would be like since I had a lot of sugar from the pears and I wasn’t sure how the spicy chili powder would react to the microlife. The salt was about 2% and I did have to add a little brine since the chilies didn’t want to give enough water to cover everything. While fermenting away, this one was definitely a lot slower. Luckily I had doubles on classes during the week so this one hung out for a full two weeks before I took it out. Didn’t really smell, just a nice sweet/spicy/ferment scent. Not like a standard sauerkraut.

After the two weeks I wanted to pop it out and see how it did. The pears didn’t break down as much as I expected. I thought they’d be like mush. The chilies as well help their shape well. I didn’t want to keep all the extra brine since it wasn’t concentrated juices from the chilies and pears so I took the main chunks out and pulsed in a food processor to make into a chutney like consistency. This way it was fully blended with the pears and chilies and has a nice spreadable texture that can be used on bread, in a sandwich, or a dollop on top of a dish. I’ve been using it on tacos and it has been a great flavor!

This fermented turned out really well overall. It has a little kick from the chili powder, nice sweet and sour blend from the pears and fermenting. There is definitely a stronger yeast smell, most likely because of the higher amount of sugar allowing them to get a hold for some time at least. But it’s delicious and just another fun ferment that I got to make this year. Time for the next one…



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